--L'amour n'est pas parce que mais malgre-- --I love myself with all the way I am--


Pusing nih

Aku cuman pusing
Aku cuman kalut
Aku cuman takut
Mudah2an aku tidak begitu...
Tuhan, bantu aku....



What kind of 'home' that you can call 'home'?

What kind of aspects influence your opinion? The people in the 'home', the size, the furnitures, or the aura of the home itself?

-- I want to understand the meaning 'Home Sweet Home' !!! --


Akhirnya pindahan juga

Akhirnya tgl 11 September terpilih menjadi hari baik hihihi...trus aku sibuk lagi hari itu, ada janji breakfast lah, ada acara bloggerlah, ada yg mantenan, ada yg kawinan, ada acara nyanyi lagi di wedding mass, dan... ada acara pindahan hehehe..

Sedih juga pergi dari kos yg sudah gue huni 7 tahun lebih, sudah berlumut ibaratnya! Tp.. saya harus mengarungi hidup..*sok puitis, mbak lucy, yaya, dll, maap kalo merinding.. tp.. liat nih gambar disamping, awal2 gue nge-kost, cantik, manis dan yg pasti... langsing! huhuhuhu.. kenapa begini..

Malam pertama gue tidur di kamar baru
Bingung, apa ya yg harus diberesin,, ceritanya ga ikutan selamatan nih, trus pas lagi jalan barefoot, eh kok banyak beras sih di lantai, trus gue sapu2 aja keluar..taunya katanya ga bodoh ah....

Trus, gue ditinggal sendirian di rumah dg pembantu, yg laen pada pergi ke mana gt, ke toko fengshui ato apalah yg gue ga gt demen, sepi juga, biasanya saat gue lagi bengong gt, gue lgs deh nangkring di tempatnya Lenny, ato Maria, ngobrol apa aja.. akhirnya telpun Maria, kangen euy..*eh, kok kesannya gue jadi L ..hiii .. tp biarpun berantem mulu, kangen juga sama adik gue Lina , besok kau nginep donk di rumah aku, galak dak?

Wah, beruntung juga, gue dapet satu temen yg baik banget nih, walaupun mulutnya ngoceh2 setiap aku tipu ato isengin dia en bikin cekak duit dia hihihi, tp dia mau bantuin aku angkat2in barang, bahkan temenin cari rumahnya kemarin, temenin aku di rumah sakit pas aku sakit meriang, thanks ya Lauw! Serius nih! Tp.. makan2?.. hum.. kapan2 ya hihihi ..

Semoga saya tetap betah tinggal disana. Amin.


Soerabaia, kota kenangan

Akhirnya balik lagi.. hai semuaaaa apa kabarrr..hau ar yuuu? *sok pengen jd presenter neh..

First day, 2 Sept 05, first destination: Mojokerto. Candi Bajang Ratu, Museum Trowulan, Candi Tikus, Candi Singosari, Candi Jawi. They are the remains of Hayam Wuruk/Kertanegara dinasty. Very very beautiful. We can see the mountains behind all those temples. And for lunch, we have very very delicious pecel and peyek kacang.. *liuran neh. And, we stayed one night in Hotel Montana Dua.

Second day, 3 Sept 05, destination: Old Buildings in Malang. We visited Frateran Bunda Hati Kudus, some old churches, and old housing sites. The night before, we had our dinner in Restoran Inggil, which is designed in oldies dutch mixed with javanese style, the owner fonds of antiques very much so that we can find many old antique stuff alike round the sides of the restaurant.. have you ever seen the mixer that our ladies long time ago use for making a cake? or do you know how they did style or the curly on their hair? and he even owns a very old gramaphone which still functions, thought not too clear to listen the song (*i believe it's chinese song)..

Last day: we stayed at Hotel Majapahit, alias Mandarin Oriental Hotel. It's called Hotel Oranje in the past. This hotel is extremely amazing, with old dutch style building and interior designs.. I want to stay in this hotel even longer.. I have planned for that next year!.. Before leaving Surabaya, we visited the museum of House of Sampoerna, in which the old stuff of the owner are kept in it, there are still the food stall that the wife used to sell, the first bicycle that the owner used for selling coal, it makes me imagining how hard the first time of life of the owner, but at least, he could be in his prosperity at last..



Hi, friends! Very busy lately. Job deadlines're every day while the due date of moving out of my boarding house is last 31st of August 05. The landlord already reminded me few times, new tenants will come soon he said *hiks diusir..

Hurriedly I called my cousin, asking when exactly the date of moving in the new house. Shockingly..he said 'we're still looking for the lucky day'..*whattzzz! All i know that the luckiest day is holiday, saturday and sunday... hehehe.. Guess what, I am homeless now..staying in my sis's room.. They're still debating about what kind of good things to start and good date to move in...

*Above picture is some of the 'angels' in my lovely boarding house, i'll show you others next of those includes me lor..! hehe..wish i were that slim once again.. hiks

Tomorrow I will go to Surabaya! Surabayyyaaa.. I am cominggg soonnnn...

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