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Perkampungan Budaya Betawi

This area is built with the aims that the local communities of Jakarta, Betawi, to preserve their cultures, habits, languages, traditions, and so on.
Betawi Cultural Village
By entering the entrance of the gate ‘Bang Pitung’ ( taken from the name of a legendary young brave Betawi at the time of Dutch colonialism long long time ago), you can see the typical houses of them, according to pak Indra (correct me), Betawi type houses are much influenced by Dutch, Arabic, Chinese and Indian type and they built house in accordance to the functions, never pay attention the arts point of view, e.g. in the frontside of the front door, you can see large room in front door side, first is the ‘lesehan’ part (see the big ‘table’) which is for the close friends or informal guests only to sit while the chair and table is considered more polite and usually for the formal guests.
You also can find holticultural gardens if you walk deeper inside, you can find many types of trees (there are board names of trees attached on them).
And, at the certain time every day, they will give us a dances or betawi typical drama attractions to us but this you will not forget : Topeng Monyet.. ha ha! It is a monkey show, which imitates human living way like going to ‘pasar’(market), riding bicycle, playing barong dance, etc.
When we were there, we also saw many kids that are learning betawi dances, wow, that’s happy to see them ;)
What about the food? There are several foods sold there that I already seldom to see now, like es kipas (crushed ice shaped with bowl in certain shapes like stars and spread with syrup), Kerak Telor, Bir Pletok (it is just made from ginger, sugar and water only), and many others.. oww.. i just remember Roti Buaya! It's plain bread made and shaped like crocodile with its normal size so it must be so big, long long time ago it is only used as symbol and brought by a groom when he wants to go to his bride's house, why crocodile? why not eagle? he he, it's because long time ago, there are many crocodiles found in the rivers around Jakarta and Betawi people believes there are some sacred crocodiles among them, and crocodiles have long life, besides, crocodiles has the loyal character to its 'spouse' e.g, while the female is hatching its eggs, the male one will help it to find food for her.


Purna Bhakti Pertiwi (Museum0

Eventhough i got this cold, eventhough i got this cough, eventhough i got this flu, still i have the energy to walk and walk around this city of Jakarta *sneezing..sorry..

This museum is made and inspired by idea of the wife of second president of this Indonesian country, Ibu Tien, so we will first find her monument once we enter the front door of this museum.

And you will also find the political history of the president itself.

Inside this building, you can see all gifts presented by many countries leaders and famous people, and businessmen of course. There are many antiques, chinese ceramics, and One gift i really really adore to see is this: a chinese princess queen size bed made of jade stone!! even completed with its lampstands and a clock stands.. woww...

(sorry, the picture is not too clear)

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